Managers, consultants, programmers waste so many valuable time sitting on the plane, working on-site disconnected from the outside world, or just not having access to any wifi hotspot. Intland Sofware now allows doing your work anywhere, even offline.
We are happy to annouce the 2.0 release of codeBeamer Eclipse Studio (CBES). This Eclipse plugin takes all your information offline (including source code, version control of any file, and tasks), and enables you to continue your work remotely and securely. It also helps to synchronize with your web-based data at a later time.

Increased productivity through mobility
How does it work?

  1. Clone a repo from Mercurial with MercurialEclipse's Clone Wizard, and let it create the corresponding Eclipse project.
  2. Create a new task query with CBES's Query Builder, and import your tasks to Mylyn.
  3. Now you can go offline. Get on the plane, visit your customer, or go to your favourite coffee shop.
  4. Work on the code as you normally do. Commit your changes to Mercurial. Update your tasks in Mylyn. (You can do all this offline.)
  5. If still offline, goto 4.
  6. Online again? Push your outgoing changes to the central Mercurial repository conveniently, using MercurialEclipse's Synchronization View. In the background, your tasks will be automatically synchronized with the remote task repository.


  1. Install codeBeamer Eclipse Studio with MercurialEclipse via Eclipse Update quickly and easily.
  2. Visit the codeBeamer Eclipse Studio project homepage to learn more and see the screenshots.
  3. Read the codeBeamer Eclipse Studio quick tutorial.