After more than 2 years since the last major db4o release (v7.0), we're launching the next major milestone of the db4o object database: version 8.0.

Looking back, the primary theme of the 7.0 release was Ease of Use, highlighted by Transparent Activation and other important complimentary features such as handling of Runtime/Unchecked exceptions, the MTOC (multi-transactional object-container) client server implementation and pushed updates for active client scenarios. In this front we believe we lived up to the promise (though we're still committed to making it easier for all developers to deal with object persistence).

Looking forward, the primary theme of the 8.0 release is performance. This release introduces a fundamental change to the identity management system which significantly improves the I/O characteristics of the db4o server. These changes constitute advances in db4o's performance as shown in Poleposition benchmarking and, at the same time, paves the way for improvements in areas such as I/O clustering, defragmentation management, and object evolution.

Recognizing the strength of db4o for embedded device and desktop applications, we are extending it's reach of end to end object persistence via integration with db4o's big brother technology, the Versant Object Database (VOD). The db4o replication system (dRS) will be adapted to provide the power of pure object persistence from db4o's high performance desktop to Versant's massive scale pure object database aggregation server.

Keeping in mind that this release line will be formalized through the standard stabilization process for the newer features. Here is a summary of what the db4o team aims to produce (in the areas of performance and major capabilities) with the final release of version 8.0 anticipated in the fall of 2010:

  • New Major Performance Features
    • Internal Id system ( pluggable per our preferred approach ) will help with improving I/O, clustering, defragmentation, etc. *
    • Improved Memory Manager - reduces heap space by factor of 2
    • New cache options for different workloads
    • Fast Collection implementations ( BigSet )
    • Custom Type Handlers
    • Object pre-fetching for client/server optimization
  • New Major Capabilities
    • Replication from db4o to big brother Versant. *
    • TP/TA for Java and .NET collections
    • Silverlight and Mono support *
    • .NET LINQ provider
    • Internationalization - Unicode, now also UTF-8 and other string encodings .. support Chinese, Japanese character sets

* scheduled to be finalized for the new release.

Our goal is to provide the db4o community members with the most advanced, easiest to use and yet rock solid, ACID, ultra high performance database solution.  This new db4o 8.0 release represents our ongoing commitment to you.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to deliver true innovation for decades to come.

(Links: db4o v8 Release Notes / Download db4o v8)