The Case Study of JBoss Repository Manager


News: The Case Study of JBoss Repository Manager

  1. The Case Study of JBoss Repository Manager

    Most of the issues encountered by JBoss developers with their new build infrastructure are discussed openly here. This is an important source of information about the problems encountered with a Hudson, Maven and Sonatype-Nexus integration.

    Since we (JFrog) worked on Hudson, Maven, and Repository Manager environment for many years, we provided some feedbacks to JBoss.

    The main thing is: We are not promoting or supporting any particular build technology and so when Maven does not fit we are not afraid to say it as it is.

    This case study exposes vividly the differences between Nexus and Artifactory. Here are some of the issues that are discussed:

    1. Mod dav or http(s) deployment URL
    2. Managing the distributionManagement XML tag in pom.xml
    3. Using password for Maven deployment
    4. Timeout and performance issues
    5. Maven metadata XML issue
    6. Maven deploy failures
    7. Creating and verifying checksums

    The Case Study of JBoss Repository Manager

  2. Practice Area Lead - Continuous Build Integration Tools

    We are currently recruiting for a Practice Area Lead who has experience in open-source Continuous Build Integration Tools, such as Maven, Hudson, Nexus, etc. One of the upcoming projects this resource will support, is a Maven and Nexus implementation/conversion we are performing for a client in NJ. This project could be done on a consulting basis,  or as a FTE opportunity to join our practice. Please let me know if you are interested in a career opportunity with CMI (or converting to Maven/Hudson in a consulting capacity at our client). There is a lot more information available at our website

    Please contact:
    Oliver Eaton
    Recruiting Manager CMI
    732-450-1100 ext. 114
    oliver dot eaton at cmi dot com