Will Diaspora Become the Anti-Facebook?


News: Will Diaspora Become the Anti-Facebook?

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    Well, they managed to get the funding they needed, and now all they have to do is graduate school and start coding.

    Of course, it's a pretty naive idea to think that four or five meagerly funded students could hack out something like Facebook.

    What was that? Facebook was originally built by just one college student? Really? Okay, then maybe these kids do have a shot.

    What's Going On With Diaspora

    Four Nerds and a Cry to Arms Against Facebook Jim Dwyer, nytimes.com

  2. Without the power of facebook, their idea is good as dead.  It seems like they want to create Social Network Portal that combines various other Social Network like Facebook, myspace, and etc... into one central place.  Is it a good idea? YES!!! Is it a good business idea??? hm... not really.