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    Hi all,


    We're planning a rollout of a webapp that runs off of a Tomcat 5.5 to another client who expect to have it used by 40,000 users. No idea how many of those users will be accessing the site at once. Since I've never dealt with this number of users I don't know how to approach this situation properly. Looking through the web I've figured that I gotta have at least a couple of servers (we'll probably be using LVS with sticky sessions for that) running the application.


    Does anyone have any experience rolling out the site to that many users? Like TSS, it seems to be running behind BIG5, but how many users access this site? How many machines. I'm really curious how to scale it out.

  2. Tomcat clusters can easily deal with that kind of load. The amount of hardware you need depends largely on the code you wrote; its quality and performance. No one can help you there. :) You have to guesstimate the expected usage of your site, do a load test and make sure your monitoring is up to scratch. After that, launch and be ready for tuning and fire fighting.

    Kees Jan