One Click Deployment of Spring Apps on VMForce Cloud


News: One Click Deployment of Spring Apps on VMForce Cloud

  1. With this new cloud solution offering, Java applications can be developed in Spring and deployed via drag and drop from an Eclipse IDE direclty onto the VMForce cloud.

    All application infrastructure admin complexities such as database configuration, application server clustering, and other plumbing work are managed transparently for the application.

    Application resources, e.g. database resources, memory, etc, scales automatically without any administration intervention on the part of the application developer.

    Easily create application monitoring dashboards without writing a single line of code.

    Is this the holy grail of Java development, or just another sales pitch by a cloud vendor that promises much, but in reality, leaves much to be desired, example pricing, and realiability.

    Either way, the demo looks wicked cool.

  2. One Click Deployement? So What![ Go to top ]

    I'm surprise that dynamic scalibity isn't their marketing logo.  Jeez~ so what if it's 1,2,3 clicks to deploy your apps.  As long as I deploy once, it'll automatically replicate among other clustered servers.  Yes, it's all gimic and not ready.  When there's marketing logo is "We are hacker proof", then I'll take a second look.  I can see cloud being used for non-critical applications.