Dear Forum Members and Readers,

I am a beginner to Web Services, and facing an issue with WS-Security. My issue seemingly is quite specific to my projects though, It will be great if you can provide me your views.

Context Description:

I am developing a Java Web Service application that is deployed on JBoss Application Server. This application will communicate with two other applications those are not deployed in same JBoss Application Server. These 2 applications are third party applications, one is C++ based web services and other is Java based web services. My application gives a call to Third Party Application1 and receives the response back form it. It then passes this received response to Third Party Application 2.

Issue Description:

I now need to enable https paradigm among these 3 applications. (I need to implement web service security model here) I started with looking in to JBoss specific WS-Security but found it not suitable in my case, as it requires to configure both the client and server. I have the control over my application but not on other 2 third party applications. To this extent, I am unable to identify a solution that can address my issue. Can anybody please provide me with initial thoughts or any reference material that might help me to give this a start. Any clue will be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance