ActiveEon engineers and OASIS research team are very pleased to share with you ProActive Parallel Suite® 4.2.1.

ProActive Parallel Suite is a complete framework providing a Java Parallel Programming library seamlessly integrated with Scheduling and Resource Management tools. It provides a uniform parallel computing interface, independent from the underlying virtualized infrastructure, for better utilization of existing resources from Desktops, Multi-Cores, Servers, Clusters, Grids and Clouds.

This new version contains bugfix and minor improvements for the minor released 4.2 published in December 2009.
Community Edition can be downloaded at
Enterprise Edition can be downloaded at

See ProActive Programming 4.2.1 change log.

See ProActive Scheduling & Resourcing 2.0.1 change log.

The next minor release is scheduled before end of June and will gather new impressive features such as a distributed workflow environment.