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    Hi - Nwebie question: Why might a jdbc URL work in a Java Application but not in a JSP/Servlet context (running on Apache Tomcat). I connect successfully in my application, but the web project fails, and gives the error "No suitable jdbc found..." on DriverManager.getConnection. The two projects are using the exact same URL.

    Is there some additional places one has to create a reference to the jdbc? For example, in the web.xml file? I'm working in an Eclipse IDE, the database is in PostgreSQL. Many thanks for any assistance or leads! 

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    Do you register PostgreSQL driver properly, for example by using Class.forName("<driver-class>")?  

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    If you've added jdbc driver as external library then check your build path. If this doesn't solve your problem then add your jdbc driver to project's WebContent/Web-Inf/lib/ directory.