Hands-On Guide: FIFA World Cup Web Site & Performance Best Practices


News: Hands-On Guide: FIFA World Cup Web Site & Performance Best Practices

  1. Whether you call it Football, Futbol, Fussball, Futebol, Calcio or Soccer – if you are a fan of this game I am sure you are looking forward to the upcoming FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The tournaments web site is http://www.fifa.com/worldcup and allows the fans to follow their teams and get the latest updates on scores, standings, schedule, ticketing or hospitality. Only the best performing teams in the qualification matches made it to the tournament and only the best performing team will end this tournament as new world champion.

    As I’ve done with other sport events such as the Winter Olympics in Vancouver or the Golf Masters I want to take you through a Step-By-Step analysis of different pages on the FIFA site based on Web Performance Best Practices that have been established over the last couple of years – such as the ones from Google and Yahoo. Quality tools such as the dynaTrace AJAX Edition, Yahoo’s YSlow and Google’s PageSpeed make it easy to perform these analytic steps identifying issues that could easily become to real performance problems once the web site is really hit by many users.

    My analysis of the FIFA site shows that – once the World Cup starts next week and the site gets really hit by millions of users around the globe – there is a big chance the site will run into performance and scalability issues due to several best practices that my analysis shows the site does not follow. This failure causes load times of the initial page take more than 8 seconds and requires downloads of more than 200 elements. These problems can easily be fixed by following the recommendations I highlight in this blog. Let’s get started - read the full analysis!

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