XQuery: Powerful, Simple and Kewl

Using a real world example in this excellent tutorial, Andrew Spyker takes you through a use case that shows the power and expressibility of the XQuery language.  Some things you can learn from this blog:

1) What does XQuery look like - what is the basic syntax.  Most people will be surprised by how simple it is to learn and use.

2) Why are declarative languages like XQuery so powerful.  What is the value to a runtime that works on what the user wants to do (as declarative languages require) vs. how the user wants to do it (as imperative languages such as Java require).

3) How the underlying XPath 2.0 data model and functions and operators is far more poweful than XPath 1.0 for those already using XPath 1.0.

4) How the syntax is simpler for imperative programmers to learn (as compared to XML encoded languages like XSLT)

5) How a native XML data model based language just "makes sense" when reading and producing XML languages.

6) How full functioned the language is.  How complicated of a program can be written with XQuery?

Finally, the blog concludes with all the code and sample data plus a Java based runtime to run it on if you want to learn more.

XQuery: Powerful, Simple and Kewl