Moyosoft, a software company providing solutions for collaboration and messaging systems, is announcing the new Java Bridge to Exchange product.

Java Bridge to Exchange is a Java library that connects to a MS Exchange server and can access Exchange messages, contacts, calendar appointments and tasks. It enables your Java application to easily integrate with Exchange and brings collaborative and messaging features to your business software.

This fully-featured Java API simplifies usual Exchange operations and allows developers to write robust Exchange applications in minutes. No knowledge of the Exchange technologies is necessary.

Unlike other similar products, Java Bridge to Exchange completely abstracts the technologies and interfaces used to communicate with Exchange. Your applications can focus on accomplishing the desired functionality without worrying about the underlying technologies’ design or limitations.

Messaging capabilities are provided through a standard JavaMail service provider interface used in Java enterprise solutions.

This library is a pure Java implementation and can be used in any Java J2SE/J2EE environment version 1.5 or later.

More information and download is available at: