Following the Hudson and TeamCity plugins releases, JFrog team is now proud to announced the immediate availability of a fully integrated platform between Gradle, Hudson and Artifactory.

Artifactory, the only Repository Manager that offers the development team a full freedom to choose their build technology, now includes a built-in features for Gradle, Maven and Ivy artifacts, as well as a general-purpose binaries management platform.

Using the latest Gradle 0.9 preview release, you can now configure the resolution and deployment of your artifacts in one line of code in your Gradle build.
Furthermore, with a nicely configured Gradle init script you can dynamically control all your remote repository parameters (URL, username, password) without polluting your build scripts.


The Artifactory - Gradle plugin is simple to use and allow you to perform the following:

  • Defined default resolution repositories to point to the Artifactory instance used.
  • Upload the generated archives (jar, war, ivy, pom, etc...) only after a fully successful build.
  • Upload a generated build-info object that represents the build's artifacts and dependencies to Artifactory build-info API (which provides a fully traceable successful build).


With this new Gradle and Artifactory Hudson plugins it is now possible to create a fully reproducible and traceable build process with minimum setup!


For more information about using the Gradle Artifactory plugin please visit this wiki page.
For more information about downloading and installing the Hudson Artifactory plugin visit this Hudson wiki page.

Excitingly, JFrog gathered all these creators into one seminar - Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Hans Dockter, Yoav Landman and Frederic Simon will join the CI and Build seminar on July 1st.


  • JFrog - home of Artifactory , the world's most advanced Binaries Repository Manager. Artifactory offers powerful enterprise features and is available in OSS, Profesional and Cloud-based versions.
  • Gradle the enterprise-grade build system allows you to describe your build using a rich, extensible build language based on Groovy. It comes with build-by-convention support for Java, Groovy, Scala, OSGi, and web projects. Gradle provides exciting solutions for many of the big pain points that exist with current build systems.
  • Hudson is a popular Continuous Integration server with automated test execution and has seen broad adoption in recent years. Hudson monitors executions of repeated jobs, building/testing software projects continuously and monitoring executions of externally-run jobs.

Enjoy your build,

The Artifactory Team