Jease provides an Ajax-driven Content-Management-System (licensed under GPL3), which can easily be extended by all people familiar with the basics of Java and object-orientation. Thanks to the smart combination of an high-performance object-database (choose between db4o or Perst as backends) and the event-driven ZK-Web-Framework, you don't need to worry about SQL, XML, XHTML, Javascript or CSS. Just define new content-types of your choice as simple Pojos and you're done. Out of the box Jease comes with a nice collection of already pre-defined content-types:

  • Access
  • Composite
  • File
  • Folder
  • Image
  • Link
  • Media
  • News
  • Reference
  • Script
  • Text
  • Topic
  • Transit
  • Trash
  • Wiki

From it's first release to the public in October 2009 until now, Jease matured to a rock stable groundwork for building highly customized Content-Management-Systems with the power and comfort of Java. If you want to get started to build content- & database-driven web-applications with Java (without the usual pains involved), you're up and running in below 5 minutes. Please check out the project homepage for more information:

If you want to take a test-drive before installing, you can have a look at the online demo: 

Login/Password: demo/demo