JINSPIRED has today made available the first public beta of its OpenCore resource metering and metrics measurement runtime. OpenCore is an extremely lean distribution of JXInsight's Probes and Metrics Open API, runtime, extensions and AOP SDK. It is specifically targeted for server-side integration with existing enterprise system monitoring & management solutions as well as business service & activity monitoring solutions.

One of the challenges in rolling out any system monitoring or business management solution is in collecting metrics related to both business transaction & software activity with minimal disruption to applications during development and production operation. For the most part existing solutions favor post-event processing techniques such as analyzing log files and querying database tables discerning “footprints in the sand” related to recent transactions and activity flows. With OpenCore the data needed to effectively drive these management dashboards can now be accessed in realtime, with the lowest overhead on the market, at a granularity that is unmatched, and with the least amount of disruption throughout the complete application lifecycle.
The resource metering and metrics models collected by our instrumentation and measurement runtime is made available locally from within any managed process via our Open API or remotely via the publication of our models to JMX as well as other web and grid based remoting interfaces.

Further information including API documentation, configuration guides and integration steps are available on the OpenCore project website: http://opencore.jinspired.com