I am wishes to publish Enablement-RelationshipManagement.jar because we shoul create a new terms and conditions.

I follow the next steps:

a) we can import the Enablement-RelationshipManagement.jar and create project EJB

b) we make a relationship with webSphereCommerceServerExtensionData, WebSphereCommerceserverExtensionLogic,Enablement-RelationshipManagementData

c)Next steps:

Java EE=>Prepare for Deplyment

In the RMIC step 4 I have the following error:

Deploying Enablement-RelationshipManagementData

Deployment from com.ibm.etools.ejbdeploy.EJBDeployer had errors:

RMIC command returns RC = Enablement-RelationshipManagementData. The problems which stopped RMIC are displayed, and  have also been recorded in the .log file in error: No se ha podido cargar la clase com.ibm.commerce.fulfillment.objects.FulfillmentCenterAccessBeanData.

error: La clase StoreBase contiene un tipo de retorno no valido

2 errors

contains an invalid return type

thanks for help me.