Ateji PX shakes up Java multi-core programming


News: Ateji PX shakes up Java multi-core programming

  1. While processor chips with 100s of cores are already being shipped, software that is not made parallel at the application level is able to use only one core at a time, and most of the power of the hardware remains unused.
    Ateji PX solves this major industry challenge by quickly enabling all application developers to write parallel programs, allowing them to unleash the full performance of multi-core architectures

    Ateji PX builds upon existing languages and tools to provide parallel programming primitives integrated at the language level. This innovative approach, which relies on Ateji's unique capability in computer language technologies, makes parallel programming simple and intuitive, efficient, and compatible with existing programs and tools.

    Ateji PX is compatible with the Java language and is integrated with the Eclipse IDE. It requires only minimal learning of the additional parallel constructs and no changes to the development process.


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  2. A few remarks

    1) where are the prices
    2) there is a strong focus on fork/join solutions; but Java 7 is going to get a fork join library and there are other companies (like Gridgain, Gigaspaces, Terracotta) that provide similar solutions
    3) it relies on Eclipse but is not going to have an impact on your environment... strange.. Not all developers use Eclipse and I don't know if it can be used by all version of eclipse (since some companies base their own ide on some version of eclipse.

    Peter Veentjer
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