Get Ready Cloud, CouchDB 1.0 is Finally Here!


News: Get Ready Cloud, CouchDB 1.0 is Finally Here!

  1. Apache CouchDB is a free and open source document-oriented database written in Erlang. It is a NoSQL solution designed for local replication and to scale vertically along a wide range of devices. They've been releasing various increments, but finally, they have their 1.0 release out and ready to go.

    CouchDB 1.0 delivers new features and improvements including:

      - Speed – writes are 300% faster for large documents;
      - Microsoft Windows support;
      - Authentication system – write CouchApps without having to create a user model;
      - Replicator options – flexibility to use replication to make custom systems

    CouchDB is supported by commercial enterprises Couchio and Cloudant.

    CouchDB NoSQL Database Ready for Production Use

    CouchDB NoSQL 1.0 Adds Windows Support

  2. New windows compatible CouchDB is easy to use.

    Nice futon GUI utility and jcouchdb for java flavour.