The development team of LogicalDOC project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of LogicalDOC CE 5.2

LogicalDOC is a proven Java based Open Source Document Management system.
With its newly release version 5.2, LogicalDOC continues to provide a viable open source alternative to the user and business community.

LogicalDOC combines powerful document management software with an intuitive interface. It is built using the popular Spring+Hibernate+JSF stack, and is a cost effective alternative that enables distributed organizations to manage their documents and resources over the internet.

With features like Version Control, ability to perform full-text searches on the content of documents, WorkFlow, WebDAV interface, and tagging, LogicalDOC provides a powerful and immediate solution for projects that rely on collaboration and digital documents.

LogicalDOC is available in 2 flavours: Open Source Community Edition and Commercial Enterprise Edition.
You can find them on the official product site:

Release 5.2 incorporates the following
* Ability to add bookmarks on documents
* Personal trash to restore deleted documents
* New WebService interfaces
* Improved performance during folder move
* Performance improvement in WebDAV interface
* Optimized database accesses for security policies

For details of changes see the ChangeLog.

Report any bugs you find using the bug tracker

You can discuss issues in the user forum

The LogicalDOC Development Team