Hi Experts,

1. I have a requirement. I need to develop JAX-WS web service client at run time and invoke it. I have the WSDL URL of the web service with me. Based on this information I need to genrate the client and invoke it. I need to do it at run time not development time using wsimport commandline tool. Why iam generating clients at run time is that I have to generate clients to mutiple web services based on thier WSDLs but the no of web services is not known at design time. What is the best approach I need to follow?.

I googled and got the following info:

1. We can generate dynemic JAX-WS clients using Jax-WS Dispath API. Is this right apporach to my requirement?.

2. We can invoke wsimport tool from a java program. Is this right and best approach to my requirement?

3. We can Jax-RPC dynemic client to invoke Jax-WS service.  Is it true?. And can i follow this?.


Thanks in Advance,

Sampath G