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    Oracle has extended its SOA Suite with the Oracle Service Bus 11g. Some of the specific enhancements include service results caching, automated lifecycle service governance, and cloud integration.

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    what about "fusion".

    i know 80% of the oracle workforce has been working on it for last few years ?

    whatever happened with that ? is this ESB one of the outputs of fusion.  

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    You are referring to "Fusion Applications", which is the next-generation of the Oracle / Siebel / PeopleSoft / JD Edwards / etc. applications in a single common, interoperable, contemporary form. The 80% statistic you are citing is likely referring to the percentage of application developers working within the Oracle applications division (which does not include products such as the Oracle database, or the Oracle ESB that this article refers to).

    Oracle ESB is part of Fusion Middleware (or "FMW"), which is the set of technologies that Fusion Applications is being built on top of. Fusion Middleware includes WebLogic, the SOA products, Coherence, and quite a few other technology and infrastructure products.

    Oracle ESB is part of the Oracle SOA Suite, which (because of its large set of out-of-the-box adapters) is often used to integrate applications together, and to expose, consume and orchestrate services. There's plenty of information at:


    Cameron Purdy | Oracle Coherence

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    Now if can just get my company to use this built in stuff. They are still moving piles and dont get why that is bad.  Sigh.

  5. What so new new about it?[ Go to top ]

    As far as I know Oracle Service Bus 11g (10.3.3) has been available for download from Oracle site for serveral months already. So why is it in the news only today? Correct me if I'm wrong