Oracle Offers Eclipse plug-ins to Developers


News: Oracle Offers Eclipse plug-ins to Developers

  1. Oracle has released a set of free plug-ins to help developers using the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) to code for Java Enterprise Edition 6.

    The Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g includes several new features such as improved debugging for Weblogic Script Tool scripts, visualisation of MBeans and syntax highlighting for Python.

    Oracle Offers Eclipse plug-ins to Developers



  2. In addition to the WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) and JEE6 support added in Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, we also added support for the following areas:

    • Eclipse 3.6 Helios
    • New support for Oracle Coherence including project facets, launch configurations, and Coherence deployment descriptor editors
    • Glassfish Server Tools supporting deployment and debugging to Glassfish v2 and v3
    • Property sheet enhancements for JAX-WS annotations
    • New editors for JDBC Data Source configuration

    -Greg Stachnick / Product Manager for Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse