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    I'm just wondering if anyone out there who has used Legstar (Open Source) to expose mainframe programs as web services. If so, would someone please comment on the performance, stability and maturity of this product? Thanks a lot!
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    I'm with a multi-national company and we are happily using Legstar to convert data to and from copybook formats with Java.  We use the Schema Generator to create binding libraries from the copybooks that the mainframe COBOL guys give us.  We then code it up in Java to do the transformations.

    This has been running in Production for almost a year without incident.  We've found the library to be very stable with few bugs.  And the minor ones we've found have been fixed quickly.  I can highly recommend this library.

    Note: we are not using the online integration capabilities of Legstar becauase with are using IBM's CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG) Java class to communicate with the mainframe.  This was not due to any limitation in Legstar, just an architectural decision.

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    Thanks Mark.  I have a following up question ...... is it possible to just use the Legstar Mainframe Adapter Runtime in a JavaEE compliant server (e.g. WebLogic or JBoss)? I assume in this case we'll need the Legstar z/OS module in place on the mainframe side (or for example IBM CTG). If so, what JavaEE version does the adapter runtime support?