Hi everyone, hows it going?

I was hoping i could get some assistance related to WSDL's and Axis in particular.

Fundamentally, what i am attempting to do is write a server-side skeleton which produces a response that matches some examples i have.

I know the samples i am trying to match a response for are binded in RPC encoded style. And i guess my first question is,

- Is Axis2 compatible with this older style of encoding?

I have Axis 1.4 loaded onto a Tomcat 5.5 server. I have used WSDL2Java and then deployed using the deploy.wsdd that is created.

I am then using soapUI to load the WSDL, and use the Form tab to test values and view the response XML of the WSDL deployed on the server.

Unfortunately, the response i am seeing is slightly different to the samples i am trying to match. My next main question is,

- Is there a way to modify the response format of an Axis 1.4 web service deployment?

Specifically, i am getting once too many hrefs in my response code, compared to the sample i am trying to match.

e.g. I am getting,

           <multiRef ......

           <multiRef ....

           <multiRef ..... (referenced to from within the tag above)

The response im trying to match has only two multiRef tags. The last multRef tag is referenced from within the second multiRef tag. Why doesent the value just appear in that second multiRef tag?

Thanks a lot for reading.