JDK1.3 CPU usage at 100% with 2 JVMs


Performance and scalability: JDK1.3 CPU usage at 100% with 2 JVMs

  1. JDK1.3 CPU usage at 100% with 2 JVMs (1 messages)

    We are running two instances (2 JVMs) of Tomcat 3.2.1 on a small 1-CPU Sun server with 256Mo.
    When simply requesting a JSP page on one Tomcat, the CPU usage increases to 95%/100% and stays at this level permanently, so that the second Tomcat is almost stalled.

    It seems that it happens only with JDK1.3 because I don't remember we have had this problem with JDK1.2.2.
    It could be a problem with the garbage collector.

    Does anybody have had the same problem and do you have any solution.
  2. Would need to see the code that is being executed to make a good judgement here. It could be the code.

    This type of error is typically an indication that something has gotten stuck in an infinite loop, or is doing something that is incredibly CPU intensive. Usually it's the former one.