Testing JSF Applications with JSFUnit 1.3.0 Final Release


News: Testing JSF Applications with JSFUnit 1.3.0 Final Release

  1. So, what have we got here with JSFUnit 1.3? The new API call on RichFacesClient for Drag and Drop testing functionality is pretty cool.

    We've got some compatibility with HtmlUnit 2.8, which is nice.

    And perhaps the most pertinent point is the bug fix. (And yes, everyone sees the irony in bug fixing unit testing software, so keep your comments to yourself.)

    But the bug fix is sweet, because it allows integration with Arquillian. "So going forward, you will be able to run your JSFUnit tests using either Arquillian or Cactus/Cargo.

    Stan Silvert's got more information for you. Check it out:


  2. Great to see this important piece for Java EE testing is moving forward nicely. I was personally waiting on this integration and can't wait to see the Arquillian project morph into an effective end-to-end Java EE testing tool that works with a lot of containers including JBoss, GlassFish and the Apache tools. We hope to integrate Resin with Arquillian as soon as possible too.



  3. Great stuff. I was looking for this... well, actually I was looking for Arquillian. But this article pointed me in the right direction. Arquillian makes in-container testing using Glassfish embedded a breeze.

  4. Oh. And of course it would be nice to see the JSFUnit - Arquillian integration in action. But I read we had to wait a few days...