In contrast to “800-pound gorilla” load testing tools, WAPT is designed to minimize the learning curve and give the user an ability to create a heavy load from a single regular workstation. You can create a basic test scenario and get meaningful information about your performance landscape in a matter of minutes. WAPT is able to generate up to 2000 simultaneously acting virtual users for an "average" test scenario using standard hardware configuration (Pentium 4 2GHz, 512MB RAM, Gigabit Ethernet)

The features in v7.0 include:

  • Graphs and statistics for separate tasks within profiles;
  • New recorder based on complete interception of browser requests;
  • Ability to compare server responses with saved pages;
  • Site response validation by time;
  • Option to set validation criteria for all profile pages at once;
  • Option to initialize internal variables before profile execution;
  • Encoding option for separate requests and parameters.

You can download the 30-day trial version with full set of features that runs on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Win7 here. Please post your feedback and share your experience on the product's forum.