1. 1.5.4 released
  2. Online public demo
  3. Jira issues
  4. Roadmap
  5. Commercial support

1.5.4 Released
The most long awaited milton release since 1.1 is finally here!

There's a stack of compatibility improvements, mostly around locking. So I recommend the upgrade to everyone, but especially if you use locking.

There's also a bunch of new goodies in the ajax gateway. If your application uses a conventional web interface as well as webdav you should really check it out. Everything you can do through webdav you can do through javascript/ajax, which makes developing rich web applications really quick.

And there's some improvements in the experimental ACL and CALDAV support.

You can download the jars from here: http://milton.ettrema.com/downloads/index.html

Online public demo
We now have a permanently running webdav instance. You can use this to test out compatibility of your particular client applications. Our aim is universal compatibility, sp please let me know of any problems:


Its configuration is very similar to the milton-filesystem-test project. You'll need a username and password to log in. As a cunning ploy to prevent dubious types from abusing the free storage I'm not actually saying what the login is, but that you have to find it by checking out the source code in milton-filesystem-test and looking in the applicationContext.xml file. Or email me and i'll tell you.

Jira Issues
While we've been working hard on improving compatibility, issues have been piling up in Jira and there's now about 20 outstanding. Sorry if your issue hasnt been attended to yet, I'll be working through them next.

Which leads us nicely onto Milton's roadmap. New feature development is going on for ACL and CALDAV, but other then that its all about stabilisation and compatibility. Once the current crop of issues has been dealt to we'll be undertaking a big package refactoring, with everything moving from com.bradmcevoy to com.ettrema. This will be quite disruptive for milton users so I'd like to have everything fairly stable first.

So the roadmap should look something like this:

  • 1.5.5 - jira issues
  • 1.5.6 - improved caldav support
  • 1.6.0 - com.ettrema package refactoring

Commercial Support
Just a reminder that Milton now has the backing of a full time software development consultancy. If your company needs a production support agreement, or you just want to speed up development by calling in the experts, please let me know. Contact details here