SAN FRANCISCO, CA—August 12, 2010—Sauce Labs, the Selenium company, today rolled out Sauce TV to customers of its Sauce OnDemand cross-browser testing service. Designed to eliminate a critical ‘blind spot’ when testing applications in the cloud, Sauce TV gives developers a live, secure view of their tests running on Sauce Labs' cloud machines. Developers can shorten their test debugging cycles with the confidence of knowing what’s going on at all times - and share testing videos with their teams.  

With almost two million tests already served in the cloud, Sauce OnDemand is the premier cloud-based Selenium service. Created to meet customer demand, Sauce TV delivers full visibility into cross-browser testing cycles in a secure environment. Users have access to only their own tests and do not have to wait until the end to discover issues, allowing for faster debugging cycles. Sauce TV’s remote desktop player also works directly in the web browser without any extra software needed.

“We created Sauce OnDemand to give developers the easiest-to-use Selenium testing service without the pain or upfront costs of a do-it-yourself infrastructure. With Sauce TV, we continue to build out a rock-solid testing infrastructure with the kind of wish-list features that IT organizations never get around to,” said Jason Huggins, creator of Selenium and co-founder of Sauce Labs. “Developers are used to seeing tests running locally, but lose that visibility when testing moves to the cloud. Sauce TV changes the game for cloud-based testing and brings that visibility and functionality back into the hands of the developer.”

With Sauce TV, Sauce Labs continues to simplify and improve the cross browser testing infrastructure for companies. Sauce TV features and benefits include:

  • Live view of tests running in the cloud
  • Remote desktop player works right in the web browser
  • Faster test debugging cycle
  • Ease-of-use with no complicated software to install

For more information on Sauce OnDemand, or to run a test today with a 30-day risk-free trial, visit