The Mule ESB team has announced Mule 3.0 RC2, the next milestone towards the final Mule 3.0 release.

This release of the Mule open source ESB features improvements in the following areas:

  • A set of features dubbed "Mule Cloud Connect" that include native REST support, out-of-the-box connectors with popular Cloud and SaaS providers (AWS,, Facebook, etc.), and AJAX/JavaScript integration for integration of rich browser-based applications with back-end enterprise data
  • A new deployment model and hot deployment capabilities
  • New simplified configuration options, including a new flow-based configuration construct and pattern-based configuration for getting started quickly using out-of-the-box configuration building blocks
  • Architectural improvements, including message exchange patterns and a message processor API

For a more detailed overview of Mule 3.0 RC2, visit the release announcement and read the release notes.

Download Mule 3.0 RC2