IBM WebSphere Application Server - Choice of DB


Performance and scalability: IBM WebSphere Application Server - Choice of DB

  1. Dear Friends

    How are you?

    I am conducting market technical research for IDEs and Application Servers. I am looking at IBM WebSphere Application Server v3.5. The website
    only shows case studies with the DB2 database.

    I am interested in case studies using IBM WebSphere Application Server v3.5 with MS SQL2000 Enterprise or Oracle8i databases.

    I would appreciate all comments and experiences.

    Thanking you.
    Very truly yours
    Sriram (Ram) Peddibhotla
  2. Look into Cloudscape; great database, or maybe Informix.
  3. DB2 and Oracle are your best bets. They are the most popular choices and hence the best tested. You can use other supported database but there are much fewer users using them and hence your probability of problems increases.

    Stick with the beaten path as they say...