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    Recently the word "app" entered our common lexicon as a proliferation of applications changing every aspect of our lives, from how and where we conduct business to how we consume our news. With so much of our lives riding on applications -- including business success -- getting strong performance from those apps has become a mission-critical concern. 

    "If 2009 was the year of the application, 2010 is bound to be the year of application performance," Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke, told SearchSoftwareQuality recently. "Software runs the business, and software performance is critical to business success."

    The traditional answer to poor application performance was to throw more hardware at the problem. But this is no longer viable as IT organizations must do more with fewer resources and market forces drive businesses to differentiate from their competitors. "It's easy to walk away from one application and go to another if the application doesn't suit your needs," said Lanowitz.

    As a result, application performance testing is receiving more attention within IT and from lines of business. According to Lanowitz, performance testing skills are at a premium. This is fortunate for application performance testers, as it ensures a degree of job security. But even performance testers are tasked with doing more with less as an increasing number of applications and application changes come down the software development pipeline.

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    It is more of a collection of best pratices than tutorial. Still helpful.