EJB Vs WebService: Performance point of view


EJB design: EJB Vs WebService: Performance point of view

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    Well We have situation to decide now. I thought serverside is best place to discuss.


    We have 2 JVMs [Enterprise Application server] and one application deployed on each of them. we need to enable the business functionality invocation from one machine to other. Let assume one is client and another is server.

    Now from the performance point view which approach is better to design server application.

    by keeping following things in mind:

    I have 2 options:

    1. Pure EJB application means EJB client and EJB server component

    2. WebService Plain Java approach (no webservice over EJB, coz it is simply mess)

    My Performance metrics:  Speed : which design approach will process a request faster. My business application will be deployed on 32 bit machine for sure!

    Also note that there is 2 JVMs, one is 32 bit and 64 Bit (avoiding this situation is unavoidable right now)

    Please provide your feedback










  2. My gutt feal is ejbs because it does not marshal to xml and the server pool stateless instances etc.

    But to really know, you should rather build architectural prototypes and test/profile it.