"Over the past decade, an increasing portion of the innovation in application development has come from the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) space. ALM tools define the development process, collaborations, and interactions that capture how an application evolves over time. Agile has come of age, ALM systems are now broadly deployed, and developers are using an ever growing range of communication technologies. Partway through this maturation of ALM, a gap formed between the ALM tools and the day-to-day development that was happening in the IDE. Mylyn filled this gap and bridged between the tools that we use to build software and those that we use for collaborating with our team and for planning the software’s evolution.

Today, the Mylyn committers are pleased to announce that the project has entered the next stage of its breadth and maturity, and has been promoted to Eclipse top-level project status. Top-level projects represent key areas of Eclipse functionality, such as the Web Tools Platform (WTP) for enterprise application development, or the Modeling Project (aka EMF) for model-based development."

Read the full post by Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop Technologies and creator of Eclipse Mylyn, for more details and a video interview.