JavaOne Kicks Off Sunday Night with Keynotes and an Open Bar


News: JavaOne Kicks Off Sunday Night with Keynotes and an Open Bar

  1. JavaOne kicked off on Sunday night with a host of keynotes and an open bar.

    Oracle Marketing Officer Judith Sim, HP Executive VP Ann Livermore and Oracle President Safra Catz warmed the audience up for a headlining Larry Ellison.

    There were no huge bombshells to be dropped on the opening night; not that keynotes are a typical venue for discussing cutting issues, but still, Larry Ellison does have a reputation of speaking off the cuff when he's behind the microphone, and perhaps there was a little disappointment that there wasn't some discussion of the contentious Mark Hurd Presidential appointment, or even the Google lawsuit controversy. But again, keynotes aren't really the venue for such discussions.

    If anything, the biggest unveiling from Larry was the discussion of Oracle's Exalogic Elastic Cloud. Ellison described it as a "Cloud in a Box", which was somewhat interesting, if only due to the fact that in a recent discussion between and VMWare, VMWare executives were shy to describe their vFabric stack as a "Cloud in a Box", not wanting to over hype their solution. Of course, 'overhyping' is part of what keynotes are all about. Be reticent about this "Cloud in a Box" promise.

    By the way, it was rumored that Google had completely pulled out of the JavaOne event, yet it would appear that so far, the most popular exhibit in the entire complex is the Google Lego Pit in the Java tent at the Hilton.

  2. Was there any update on the release of Java 7 in the Keynotes?

  3. Java 7 information[ Go to top ]

    Java 7 will follow plan B as described by Mark Reinhold's blog you can follow @java7developer on twitter for ongoing info

  4. According to infoq, Mr. Kurian talked about initiatives targeted for JDK 7 or later; these initiatives include 1TB low-pause garbage collection.

    Oh !? That's about gaining of a factor of 1000; that's quite a target ;-)

    Good luck. For 2020 ?