I was very impressed by the CDI specification and the addition of the JSR-330 so that all IoC/DI products can play nice (EJB/Guice/Spring etc.). I has some ideas for extension of the Guice framework but the 2.1 was never released and I after some investigation I found the JSR-330-TCK and it was done with plain JUnit so i could not resists trying to implement that, the rest is history.

The following things have been done:

1. JavaConfig with Generics support
three layer configuration (base config file, extended config file, system params)

2. i18n and Formatters
Well configured and usable Format implementations

3. @Inject framework
An implementation of the JSR-330 specification. I know its light but thats what I want and for most parts thats all I need.

4. @Inject Extensions (things built on the @Inject framework and its easy to use configuration support)

4a. Transactions BETA, with EJB annotations and AspectJ)

4b. JSF BETA, an abstract implementation of the com.sun.faces.spi.InjectionProvider