And What Will Be The Official Colors of this High School?


News: And What Will Be The Official Colors of this High School?

  1. IBM and the City University of New York are working together to develop a specialized, five year high school program that will focus on practical computer studies, and theoretically prepare graduates for entry level jobs in the IT industry.

    At a time when many school districts are removing the Coke and Pepsi machines from the school cafeterias in an effort to avoid inundating young students with corporate symbols, it does make one wonder what the impact will be by having an entire curriculum influenced and impacted by one of the lions of the IT world. Of course, if there is any citizenry in the world that will make sure that the students' always come first, it's the parents and teachers living and working around New York City.

    Corporate America and the education of the youth is a tricky blend to mix together. Is it really necessary for IBM to influence an entire five year high school program? Would it not be more effective to sponsor scholarships for disadvantages youths and help those selected to get into private schools that already exist in the city?

    Let's hope that the impact from this school board partnership with IBM is as positive and successful as the education partnerships that have been made around United States by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

    IBM High School Will Churn Out IT Pros

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    I think this is great.  Any move that is going to encourage students in this country to enter into careers in technology is a good one.  And who cares if a big corporation is behind it?  In fact, a company like IBM should be doing stuff like this.  Besides, this is much better than IBM building yet another tech campus in Banglore.  In this new era where the lines between coporations and governments are starting to blur, its nice to see IBM reinvest in America.