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News: RedFX: Remote Data Binding for JavaFX

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    RedFX provides functionality that allows JavaFX applications to share data with each other and with server applications without the need of writing lots of specific boiler plate code. The synchronization and messaging infrastructure is provided by RedFX. And data sharing can be implemented in one of three ways:

    1. Using remote objects
    2. Using a messaging service
    3. Using a web services client

    In this blog posting, Arun Gupta interviews Johan Vos about the technology, 

    RedFX: JavaFX Widget Library for GlassFish

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  2. Ideal world[ Go to top ]

    In an ideal world, the presentation/UI layer should be able to bind to POJOs instead of its own UI specific models.  That same POJO should also be bindable on the service and data access layer.  All these should be as non-intrusive as possible (i.e. without any framework plumbing coupling the POJOs)

    Nowadays the later part (service & data layer) are pretty much achievable.  JavaFX on the other hand is a slight disappointment in this regards as it can't bind to POJOs easily or at least out of the box.

    Now RedFX, after a quick glance through its site, doesn't seem to help alleviate this.  Perhaps I'm wrong, but it looks like its just introducing its own remote models to bridge the gap between the service and presentation layer?  Can it actually allow the POJOs to be detached from the service layer and reused in the UI layer and reattach it back without any of the framework plumbing being coupled to the POJOs?  Doesn't look like it considering it has its own remoting interface that needs to be implemented?


  3. Exadel Flamingo ( allows you to bind JavaFX directly to server-side POJOs from Spring, Seam or Java EE 6.