Web Performance Best Practices - Part 2 Optimization


News: Web Performance Best Practices - Part 2 Optimization

  1. Optimization of web applications can become quite a challenging task as there is a variety of areas where you can tune.  Best Practice-based and KPI-based optimization are the most commonly used ways to drive your optimization process. Learn about both approaches and how and when to use them.

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  2. All this is fine and dandy in development environment. What customers see in terms of performance will be vastly different and disparate compared to what Dynatrace would report in a dev analysis. While this information is definitely useful in optimizing pages proactively, it still does not indicate the real performance metrics on the customers'(web clients in different locations accessing the same page) end.

    This approach basically assumes that an individual will load up a page with the Dynatrace plugins installed on his/her browser.