Frameworks Aren't Dead: A Raible Perspective


News: Frameworks Aren't Dead: A Raible Perspective

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    Last week TheServerSide asserted that with the advent of Java EE 6, along with its ability for vendors to provide and implement extensions to the platform, the age of having to conclusively decide between specific application frameworks before designing an enterprise application was coming to an end.

    Matt Raible, of Raible Designs, takes issue with a few of these assertions. "Java EE 6 might be a better foundation to build upon, but it's certainly not going to replace frameworks." Matt's review of the health and future vitality of enterprise Java frameworks can be found here:

    RE: Moving from Spring to Java EE 6: The Age of Frameworks is Over

  2. I must admit I didn't really understand what the article was trying to get at. Certain of the technologies in the Java EE platform *are* frameworks. The most I would really say is that EE 6 has introduced credible, competitive *standards* in more of the "framework" space. That doesn't mean that there's not still room for other frameworks in other areas. Hell, one of the new technologues - CDI - introduces a whole sophisticated portable extension SPI to make it *easier* to build frameworks that integrate with the Java EE container. For example, we're using this SPI in Seam3 to elegantly integrate frameworks like Wicket and others with Java EE. Indeed, Seam3 seems to be a counterexample to what was being argued in the original article. But, the truth is I simply don't know what the original author really meant to say when he used the word "framework".