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    Jolokia is a solution for remote JMX access. It is agent based approach, living side by side with JSR- 160 connectors, but uses the much more open HTTP for its transport business where the data payload is serialized in JSON. This opens a whole new world for non-Java clients. Beside this protocol switch, Jolokia provides features for JMX remoting, which are not available for JSR-160 connectors: 

    • Bulk requests allow for multiple JMX operations with a single remoteserver roundtrip. 
    • A fine grained security mechanism can restrict the JMX  access on specific JMX operations. 
    • A JSR-160 proxy mode allows for agentless operation.
    • Historical values can be tracked on the agent side. This enables  incremental checks without the need of a client side storage.
    • All MBeanServer are merged to give a single view, so there is no  need to know the MBeanServer instance in advance.
    • Sophisticated JSON object serialization allows clients to access  complex objects which are not Open MBeans.
    • Client bindings exists for Perl and Java, more are in the pipeline  (i.e. JavaScript and Scala).

    Multiple agents are provided for different environments:

    • WAR Agent for deployment as web application in a JEE Server.
    • OSGi Agent for deployment in an OSGi container. This agent is packaged as a bundle and comes in two flavors (minimal, all-in-one).
    • Mule Agent for usage within a Mule ESB
    • JVM JDK6 Agent which can be used with any Oracle/Sun JVM, Version

    Jolokia originates from jmx4perl, which is a solution for connecting non-Java monitoring platforms like Nagios to the JEE world. With jmx4perl comes a sophisticated command line shell, j4psh, with syntax highlighting and context sensitive command line completion on MBean names and attributes/operations (but that is another story ;-)

    Jolokia is released under the Apache License, which is currently the most significant difference to the agent part of jmx4perl (which is released under the GPL).

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    The top leve link has been mangled up to point to this article itself. The proper URL for Jolokia is

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    Thanks! Great project.

    Is there a good web console (or even a standalone one) for JMX which can use Capsaicin?

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    Currently we don't have web-console for Jolokia, but something like this is definitely on the list as soon has we have the JavaScript client binding ready. Don't know whether we will do a whole webapp or provided some prefactored widgets for certain JS frameworks, though.

    If you don't insist on a web-console, I highly recommend jp4sh which is a command line console with a unix style interface (you 'cd' into MBeans, list the attributes/commands with 'ls' and read attribute values with 'cat') and a nice readline interface (+ syntax highlighting). On Jolokia's tutorial page is a sample screenshot of j4ps as well as some installation instructions.