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    For the last few years, the rise of Maven has been tremendous.

    Today, it is widely used in both the open-source and the corporate world, and zillions of builds now rely on the Maven Central Repository, which provides open-source atifacts to Maven builds, with an excellent quality of service.

    We love Maven, and we thank the Maven people every day for maintaining this repository! So we thought we could give back a little to the Maven community. We just set up a mirror of the Central, based in France, so that European Maven users enjoy a better bandwidth. We did more than that: we installed a Sonatype Nexus repository manager, in order to perform some searches, browse easily, etc. It is plugged directly to the Central, so any requested artifact which is not there yet is downloaded on-the-fly, and stored for subsequent uses.

    Sonatype announced today that they just set up a mirror of the Central in UK. All this is aimed at the same goal: having a better Maven experience, and keeping Central healthy.

    You can reach the interface of the repository manager here: http://maven.antelink.com/ To make Maven use it, point your own repository manager to it, or add this to your ~/.m2/settings.xml file:




          Antelink Mirror





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    it seems the configuration to the maven mirror doesn't appear well on the article. You can go on the blog post on the Antelink blog: A new Maven mirror in France.