Obix Labs have just announced the official release of XConfig, which is a Java/XML configuration library that also works nicely with Spring. It supports auto-reload, annotations, Spring property placeholders etc. And there is no need to write any new classes or to use property files anymore.

For example, it can be integrated into a Spring application like so:

  • Annotations which are handled by the bean factory. For example: @FromConfiguration("/@London")private String greetingInLondon;
  • Property placeholders like:    <property name="greetingInLondon" value="${/@London}"/>

Also, it does not need any new code. So you do not have to write any new Java classes. All you have to do is to store your XML in a configuration file. 

The files are modular, so for once you can seperate out the config you want other people to change and the ones that should be handled by development only. For example database or production sensitive information which is only set by system administrators at deploy time. 

It also supports auto-reload. So if you change your config, your application can pick up the changes immediately--although this feature is not enabled for annotations or placeholders.

For more information, go to the site: