We are pleased to announce the first milestone release of OpenCore 6.1 with an exciting new enhancement to our software and resource metering runtime – Record and Playback.

With OpenCore’s new optional recorder probes provider you can now efficiently log to a binary file a complete recording of metered probes and meter readings. This recording can then be replayed offline without any runtime dependencies on the original target environment and classpath other than OpenCore’s opencore.jar library and native agent.

What is truly unique about our approach is that for all intents and purposes there is no distinction between the metering of the original production environment and that of the play back. In playback threads are recreated, probes are fired and meters read as per the values recorded. The metering engine does not even know whether its a simulation or not so optional probes providers performing dynamic filtering or collecting data collection can be enabled including reporting plugins and management integrations.

Further information on the usage scenarios of this "cool" new feature can be found on our project site.