We are pleased to announce general availability of Starview Smart Enterprise Platform 6.2. Starview Smart Enterprise Platform is the industry's only complete events server platform.  The platform includes the Starview Application Composition Environment™ (ACE)  an Eclipse plug-in to rapidly build event-driven applications using a model-driven approach with Star™, a modern event processing language and Java. Starview Event Servers are OSGi- based application servers for testing and deploying specialized event-processing application systems, with the industry-unique ability to provide in-stream analysis of events as they happen with Analytical Event Processing™. 

A light-weight version of Starview Event Servers known as Remote Agents can be used for remote processing at the enterprise edge. The Starview Enterprise Hub controls and simplifies the complexity of a distributed environment, with management, provisioning, and 360-degree visibility of the running system. The Starview Simulation Server allows multiple simultaneous simulations of the entire system or individual applications, using either live or historical data.

New features introduced in this release include:

  • Incremental deployment, which allows customers to modify running applications without having to stop and restart them.
  • Improved management with the Starview Enterprise Hub, includi ng a new dashboard graphically displaying a variety of customizable metrics about the running systems and applications, the ability to manage application servers as a group, application versioning, and application lifecycle support.
  • Starview ACE now incorporates the Eclipse Modeling Framework and supports Star Libraries for code reuse.

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