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                                                 The Windward Engine is similar in functionality and capabilities to Crystal Reports, SSRS, etc., plus some significant additional functionality.

    When used in conjunction with AutoTag or AutoTag Max, the Windward Reports Engine immediately begins to save you money. One of the biggest expenses in the report creation process correlates to the design tool's ease-of-use. AutoTag and AutoTag Max enables users to design templates in Microsoft Office, and because most professionals already know how to use Office, there's little learning curve.

    With the Windward Reports Engine and AutoTag or AutoTag Max, you get:Report design in Microsoft Word, Excel, & PowerPoint, with all of Office's available design features!!

    Data Layout

    • Easy access to data for non-programmers
    • Capable of handling data from a wide range of sources, including Excel spreadsheets, XML files and SQL databases
    • Preserves security features of existing database provisions

    You don't need expensive software or complicated layout tools for business reporting and document generation. With Windward Reports' robust, enterprise-level Java/J2EE reporting engine, your company can produce reports and documents that convey critical, up-to-date business information in a visually impressive format.

    Report Generation

    • Reports run at the click of a button from within Microsoft Word
    • A powerful and flexible automated report scheduler (AutoTag Max)
    • A  wide array of available outputs, including DOCX, PDF, RTF, HTML, XLSX and PPT

         A Comprehensive Document Generation and Mail Merge System

    Document generation is an automated way of producing (i.e. generating and distributing) a document. The user creates a template; when the document is generated, specific information populates the template. Examples of documents generated include letters, forms, and contracts...

    Document generation also encompasses mail merge.
    The Windward Reports' design tools AutoTag and AutoTag Max connect a template created in Microsoft Word document with data from your database or other data source and generate documents in a wide variety of formats.
    Document Generation Functionality

    • Design
    • Generation
    • Automation
    • Scheduling
    • Sharing

    Document Generation Uses

    • Make documents easier to find, create and distribute
    • Generate documents in a wide range of formats, including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, XML, HTML and even printed hard copies.
    • Access, update and view  all documents
    • Automatically save multiple versions of documents
    • Schedule reports to be generated at specific times and tasks to be emailed at specific times 

    About Windward

    Windward Reports was created by Windward Studios and both companies were named for founder David Thielen’s childhood home on the windward side of Oahu, Hawaii. It is headquartered in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. In 1994, Windward Studios was an innovative game development studio. Its first product was the popular and highly-rated real-time strategy game Enemy Nations, which is now offered for free. The Windward Reports' suite of reporting software programs was released in 2002.

    Windward Reports' user group now spans 65 countries and all continents except Antarctica. It has more than 500 customers whose applications include financial statements, inventory reports, product-usage reports, purchase orders, invoices, training certificates, timesheets, and licenses.

    You can learn more about Windward at our Reporting Blogs.

    Additional Key Features:

    • The Windward Engine can handle multiple data sources in a single template
    • All input and output with the Windward Engine is via streams, so files can be easily used but are not required
    • You can write your own data source class to access any data in a report
    • Windward Reports makes data layout and source mapping trivial. Users don't need to learn complicated code, because wizards and drag-and-drop functionality from within Microsoft Word make it easy to put tags, or data placeholders, into templates. The Windward Engine handles a variety of data sources, including SQL databases, XML files, and Excel spreadsheets. Users can run reports with the click of a button, and they can produce documents in a wide array of outputs.

    Target Users

    Companies producing vital reports, documents, mail merge files and other business intelligence need a secure, powerful way to access their data.
    Use cases include:

    • Full-featured reporting with sophisticated scheduling
    • Robust document generation, content management and document production
    • Simple-to-use mail merge centered on the Microsoft Word user interface
    • Powerful dashboards that non-programmers can create effortlessly
    • Effective business intelligence that increases company efficiency

    Arrow For SharePoint

    Windward Arrow extends SharePoint to deliver a complete enterprise reporting, document management, dashboard and business intelligence system. Users design reports in Microsoft Office and use SharePoint enhancements to connect templates to data and to run and schedule reports. Arrow for SharePoint lets a community of users produce critical business documents – easily and securely.


    AutoTag allows users to design templates in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Template creators can utilize all of MS Office's design features, including fonts, styles, lists, tables, illustrations, headers, footers, tables of contents and more.

    AutoTag Max

    An enhanced version of AutoTag, AutoTag Max does everything AutoTag does. It also lets users:

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