QuickBuild is a continuous integration and release management server featuring guarded checkin (test before commit), visual build workflow design, and flexible build delivery pipelines.

This release integrates with Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Team Foundation Server to make possible below actions when dealing with these distributed version control systems:

  • Retrieve source code for build and test from tip or specified revision.
  • Create tags for retrieved source code if necessary.
  • Detect source changes between builds and notify committers under specified condition.
  • Promote SCM revisions to higher stage, for example from qa to release.

This integration also includes a gated push feature, with which you can submit ready-for-push commits to QuickBuild for build/test, and have QuickBuild to push them to the official repository automatically after building/testing successfully.

This release also supports to build .NET projects through MSBuild and Visual Studio solution builder.

Refer to http://www.pmease.com/features/whats-new/ for details.