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    Mark Reinhold, in "A JSR Quartet," says that there are four new JSRs:

    • JSR 334, "small enhancements," which includes strings in switch, binary literals and underscores in numbers, multi-catch, improved type inference, try-with-resources, and simplified varargs (among other possibilities)
    • JSR 335, "lambda expressions," which adds language and library support for closures to Java
    • JSR 336, "Java 7 SE," which has the changes for Java 7, with a whole giant list of changes
    • JSR 337, "Java 8 SE," which has some elements originally targeted at Java 7 as well as other enhancements.

    The date and time API (JSR 310) looks like it's scheduled for Java 8.

    It's good news that they finally got a JSR for all these things out there - there'd been some question even by contributors to this site whether anything would get done by the JCP or not. Maybe this means Java might survive after all.

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    Great - now we just need these to move along - we need the features slated for Java 8 now -- too much steam has already been lost.