Swiss Army Knife Maven Plugins Released


News: Swiss Army Knife Maven Plugins Released

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    Evgeny Goldin has published a lot of new maven plugins, including a copy plugin, a hudson plugin, a spring batch plugin, a mail plugin, sshexec, timestamp, properties, assertions, and more.

    Really useful stuff, and highlights the power of maven's plugin system. It may be cryptic at first, but Maven exposes a lot of capability to the developer even within a SDLC.

    Of course, all the gradle, rake, and buildr users out there are saying "That's great, but we actually don't need those as plugins, we just have the functionality when we want it."

    You can get access to the plugins from Mr. Goldin's repository, with the following XML:


  2. Well, yes, if you use Gradle you may not need some of them. "maven-properties-plugin" is definitely not needed but "maven-copy-plugin" can still be handy if there was a way to run Maven plugins transparently in Gradle. And I really hope it will be possible one day.


    Thanks for the post, Richard.