Haskell Researchers Announce Discovery of Industry Programmer 'Who Cares'


News: Haskell Researchers Announce Discovery of Industry Programmer 'Who Cares'

  1. Haskell researchers have found someone who they didn't know who actually cares about Haskell: Seth Briars. They set a honey pot for him, but it failed, so they brute-forced the search and found him.

    He hasn't threatened to sue them yet.

    Briars says he is pleased to have been recognized for his apparently unique shit-giving about Haskell. "I've been giving a shit about Haskell for a long as I can remember. I follow all their announcements and developments closely, just in case I ever get the urge to use the language for something someday."

    "It's a beautiful, elegant language," Briars observed as he busied himself cleaning a fingernail. "You'd be hard-pressed to find a more expressive and composable core. And they've made astounding advances over the years in performance, interoperability, extensibility, tooling and documentation."

    "I'm kind of surprised I'm the only person on earth who gives a shit about it," Briars continued. "I'd have thought there would be more people following the press releases closely and then not using Haskell. But they all just skip the press releases and go straight to the not using it part."

    I've looked at Haskell and then decided that I would jump to the "not learning it" part - its on my todo list but let's just say I have flying to the US so I can get my junk searched higher. Anyone used it in production? What do you use it for? Why would I bother with it? Convince me.

  2. What I have gathered is that Haskell is a very influential language to language designers.  If you are interested in where things like monads are coming from then you might want to learn it.

    I wouldn't count myself as full-blown "giving a shit" yet but I have been convinced that (at least some) of these ideas are not only interesting from a theorectical perspective but also in terms of pragmatic usefulness.  You could also look at Scala instead.

    P.S.  In most countries, you'd pay a pretty penny for such junk-services and risk arrest.  You should consider it a risk-free perk.